Privacy Policy

The Silva Cardiology will honor any of the legal requirements, privacy policies that are found with any of the health and medical information that applies in Houston, Texas, USA. Silva Cardiology will also respect and honor all of the visitors who visit the site with strict confidentiality of their medical and health conditions. When a visitor comes to the site, there will be no gathering of information. Furthermore there will be no sharing of any information that is released plus there are no distribution of any names, address or medical diagnoses of anyone who comes to the website.


Any information that is collected for the website is used strictly as part of a program to put together statistical information in regards to the amount of traffic that the website is getting, the demographics of who is visiting the site and which pages and topics hold the visitor’s attention. There may be some portions of the website where the users may have to enter some information for the purposes of registration for the site. The personal information may be passed on to a third partying in order to complete your request.  We want to make clear that any e-mail that is sent to the Webmaster or any members of the Silva Cardiology Center is not secure, so sending an e-mail is at your own risk.